About Us

The foundation for Visionary Institute was set in 1974 by Richard A. Flier’s establishment of RAF City Interests. The real-estate company began as a problem-solving engine, serving lending institutions and government agencies that were overwhelmed by non-performing assets. Flier’s ability to identify and creatively solve debilitating issues played an essential role in asset revitalization and capital recovery. Throughout the years, the company morphed into a development and investment entity that created important resources for investors and the public.

Richard Flier’s career began by attending Boston University, while simultaneously joining the venerable Beacon Hill firm of William Otis. He next became director of retail development for Spaulding and Slye. Many partnerships ensued, finally consolidating as Visionary Institute, LLC. The organization focuses on creating enterprises that can stimulate future generations.


Stuart-Meyers Bankruptcy New England

Fisher Hill Estates Brookline

4 Seasons Hotel and Condo

808 Memorial Drive - Cambridge

Westinghouse Plaza - Hyde Park

Chrysler Rd Apartments - Natick

75-81 Arlington St. Boston

Academy of the Pacific Rim

Longwood Towers